Little Apocalypse
   a hypertext novel

Originally based on short stories by Cassie Smyth and Paul Carrington. Others have since joined the apocalypse, like Tim Wiley, Brandon French and RJ Greenhalge. We've also made use of creative commons material in some collage and artwork, and having placed a creative commons license on Little Apocalypse as a whole, encourage others to contribute in any way they can imagine.

This list attempts to compile the names and home pages or contact information for each person who has shared their talents here. If we've missed someone or you see something that needs to be taken down, please let us know.

Little Apocalypse Contributors

Jason Brackins - photographer contributing to collage on home page. Check out his original on flickr, and see his blog here.

Allen Brewer - photographer contributing to our news page. Check out his original on flickr. Allen is a Conway native and we're really happy to have his contribution.

Paul Carrington - writer, creator, guitarist, madman and president of calendars.

Brian Cotton - contributing illustrator to Little Apocalypse. Check out some of his other artwork here.

Brandon French - musician and artist extraordinaire. Check him out here.

RJ Greenhalge - cannot be explained in a sentence. His contributions in artwork and soundtrack have added a great deal to the site. Check out his music at

Amy Guendulay - painter, artist and muse. Creating character illustrations for Little Apocalypse.


Kaya Hardin - writer and PR junkie; one of our columnists on the Little Apocalypse blogspot. Find her here.

Zach Hebert - one of our columnists on the Little Apocalypse blog. An interesting partner in thought-crime - he's out to save the world while we're out to end it.

Jason Lammons - contributing writer to the little apocalypse blog. Check out his writing as Awake for the Revolution, or purchase his book, My Sanctuary.

Cassie Smyth - fancies herself a writer; web hack and guerilla marketer. Ghost stories at

Tim Wiley - keeps the whole thing running. Contact him at

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Creative Commons License
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