Rician tried to walk away from his kill, but couldn't. It wasn't that he felt any moral obligation to stay, or guilt, or revulsion. He literally could not walk away. At about twenty feet he tripped and fell face down in the dust. Embarrassed and glad no one could see, he got up and tried again. But his feet stuck. He could walk back, walk in circles... but he couldn't get more than twenty feet from the mark's body. Some invisible tether was keeping him at the scene.

By sweaty force he finally managed to push his foot forward....

The body behind him jumped.

Which of course caused Rician to trip and fall again, adding a new layer of dust to his shocked face. The surprise sank into his stomach and knotted up. This could be very bad.

Third time's a charm, they say. Pushing one foot forward, he watched the corpse scoot along the ground toward him, ever so slightly, pulled by some astral chord. Left, right, left, he managed to walk away, dragging the body behind him with a blood trail to mark his progress.

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