Rician is a skilled killer, and currently suffering from a tunnel vision imposed by rage. When he must pass through a city, because he needs supplies or the world won't let him go around, people naturally stare at the man dragging a rotting corpse behind him.

In Big Spring, someone made the mistake of trying to question him. He fancied himself some kind of deputy, though he was more likely just a nosy bastard. And once Rician grew tired of the man insisting that he explain himself, Rician shot him. No big deal, under the circumstances, and he was probably doing the townspeople a favor.

But as he walked away from the shop, he tripped. The tense crowd, who'd just seen him murder a man for being irritating and then walk off with a corpse on a sled, laughed at him as he wiped the dust from his sleeves.

Then he turned around, piled the second corpse onto his sled, and walked away.

Soon he led a parade across the desert on his quest to find Jonathan.

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